Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rob Reilly Sketchbook?

So I've been struggling with the idea of putting out a sketchbook or not. So let my squash the rumors, yes, I have decided to put one out for the upcoming year. It have a nice color cover and about 16 or so black and white or grey sketches. Count on most of them being convention sketches but I will be throwing in a few gems from my own personal sketchbook. I think the price range will be about $3-5 per book. But it'll be a very small run of 100 or so. This is my test run to see if these babies fly. If they do the next one will be much bigger and better. Let me know if anyone is interested and I will put them aside for you when you see my at the next con or wanna send me $$ in the mail then I will ship it out ASAP.

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