Thursday, January 11, 2007

Texas Strangers Pin-up

Where oh where have I been? Well I've been chained to my artdesk for quite sometime now. Within the past two weeks or so, I've completed 6 sample pages (artwork & colored) to send in to DC Comics (DC Kids to be specific), worked on this pin-up for a friend's book, Texas Strangers (which is available to order in this month's Previews) and read several scripts by writer Jason Burns of Viper Comics! Here's the scoop on future works, look for this summer:

1. I will be doing a short story in Manual Comics' Mauled by Machines, it's an anthology of the best indie comic artist.
2. I will be doing another short story with friends Mike Oeming, Neil Vokes, Brian Quinn, and many mnay more which will be solicited to Image Comics.
3. In addition to those projects, I signed on for the 4 part mini series with Viper Comics.

Phew! That's a lotta work to be had!

As for conventions, I'm cutting my load down by quite a bit, I did 12-15 conventions this year which is a LOT for me. I'm should be attending:
- Heroes
- Pittsburgh
- MidJersey Comic Con's
- one in Dublin, Ireland (November).

Not too many I know but money is extremely tight as well as my time as of now. If I plan on more, you'll know!

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