Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Long time no post!

So you might be wondering, what happened to Rob Reilly? DId he quit cartooning, or possibly die? No you sick bastards!!! Geez, I've simply been busy with this thing called LIFE. I recently moved and it took forever (2 1/2 weeks) to get unpacked. Rest assured I've been a slave to my comic responiblities. After recieving the 2nd script for Viper Series I've been balbbering on about, I laid out all 24 pages and have already penciled 10 pages. Here's a few quickies I did for someone that's been seen around the BUCK, uh I mean Reilly. Enjoy. Click to enlarge.


lg said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...whoa. Where's my Batman Glass?

I'll catch a glimpse of the new place soon. A little crazy right now with a few things.

Hope all is well and swell!

What the hell is that drawing anyway


panda on the back of a unihorse! nice!

Jenna said...

i asked and i got what i wanted

pandas unicorns and ice cream

things that make me happy

and well add some Reilly on top

and then I'm happy

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