Friday, November 23, 2007

Dublin (Ireland) Comic Con

I had such a blast while visiting Ireland for a week, though I went specifically do the 2nd Annual Dublin City Comic Convention. Firstly, I'd like to point out the differences between the cultures:

Ireland: People are friendlier, and the city, as well as the trains, were extremely clean. They have what seems to be low fat diets. TV sucks, only like 5 channels. Stores and pubs close earlier.

America: People are rude, but keep to themselves mostly. Stores are open til at least 10 pm, not 7 pm as it's irish counter point. Television is much better despite having alsmot 90% crap! hahaha

Regardless, Thanks again to the lads who ran the show and I'll definitely be back.

A brief recap:

Saturday, 1st day of show:

Sold a ton of books, several poster prints, and a few sketchbooks. This very nice couple from Singapore bought three sketches from me. The hardest of the 3, Batman vs Optimus Prime. I sturggled for 2 hours while this sketch! But made it through (photo coming). Ian, shown below, got a sketch of Superman: Red Son, which he stated he was gonna get tattooed. How awesome is that?! I can't think of a better compliment! If and when he does, he promises photos so I can post them here! Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, 2nd day of con:

Sold out of everything except 2 copies of Mauled by Machine, sold the very last issue of Convention Confessional Volume One I had originally printed (which will not be reprinted), and was so busy that I had to make a skecth list, my 1st ever, with a total of 8 sketches that day! On top of that, met many lovely people and also sold a few more posters and sketchbooks.

Here's a few photos from that con.....more to come. Promise.
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    Alann said...

    Yo, dude! We're actually from Brunei... :P

    And thanks for the sketches, dude. Really. We're getting it framed next week, like.

    Also, good luck on your Viper Comics gig and whatnot. Will e-mail you the photos and whatnot soon. Been busy at work lately.

    Later, dude!

    - Alann (& Rozi)

    "Today is the best day of your life; tomorrow, EVEN BETTER!!!"

    Josh said...

    I don't think you have a choice dude. You have to come back. Haha

    Tommie said...

    So are you gonna let me an McManus post the videos of you drunk yet?

    alan said...

    got the three convention books from you in dublin and laughed myass off all the way home reading them,but i never expected the rant at the end of the third book,it was v.good, i never realised how hard the comic buisness is if your independant/unknown. anyway loved the comics.