Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brand Spanking New Image!

Hey Gang!

Well the wait is finally over, below is the new image I created for my promotional postcards and I will be making prints for the eBay store as well as convention season. I absolutely love the OGN, "Kingdom Come" and have always wanted to do a shazam superman piece. Click image to enlarge!

Be sure to check in on the eBay store this weekend, I will be adding new artwork and I'm working on figuring a way that some can just order a commission piece. But look for it, it should be up by Sunday at the latest! Thanks!




niki kehoe said...

Poor Superman! He deserves better! Gr8 artwork, its a really fun piece, even if superman is being brutalized! I met you at the Dublin comic con. Hope you've been keepin well since :)


love seeing captain marvel cleaning the floor with superman. rad rad rad drawing

LG said...

Shuh-zham! Nice work Reilly!

LG said...

why does my name look like ig when it's "LG"? Damn you Reilly!

John Broglia said...

HAHAHA This is Fing awesome Rob! Put me down for one as soon as my broke ass gets paid!
Post script: do not tell Neil it's a 'Shazam', Superman piece. It's CAPTAIN MARVEL DAMNIT! hahaha