Saturday, October 04, 2008

Dublin Bound

Well I know its been a while.

I will be attending the Dublin City Comic Con in Ireland in November. I worked on a proposal that didn't seem to work out. Just one of those things, no biggie. However I am working on a 7 page story for an anthology with friend and writer Jeff Brown, soon to be working on another short story for an anthology and developing 3 projects with my friends and peers, Steven Walters, M. Sean McManus, and Chris Moreno. All porjects are amazing and have revived me artistically.

Here's a few images to keep you interested. First is a Capt. America I finished as part of a series in order to lure some Marvel licensing work. Second is a pin-up I did for my Euro (Irish) friend Tommie Kelly for his debut comic Road Crew. It's seriuosly finally. You can find it on the internet as a online comic. Done in the classic newspaper funnies outline. I laughed my ass off! Check it out at




cap's never looked as rad!

Haslann said...

Hey, Rob!

Rozi & I were actually hoping to see you again in Dublin, but life's getting in the way. Have fun and send our regards to Sean and the Third Place gang.

All the best...

Anonymous said...

That's a very cool cap. I love the colors on it, they are very light and fun.