Friday, February 20, 2009

Aftermath of NYCC

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stopped by the table (Loyal Reilly fans & New Comers). I really appreciate the encouragement I get from you.

Despite the show being sold out, the death rattle of the economy was ever present. So thanks to everyone who purchased a sketchbook, original art or commissioned a piece. I definitely tried to give everyone bang for their buck, only $40 for one character with color and inks. Had a few companies stop by the table (DC Kids, Hasbro and various animation/video game companies). Hopefully something will come out of those brief conversations. *Fingers Crossed* Still no word yet about "The Incredibles", as soon as I know then I will pass the info along to you guys! :)

Overall I think that New York Comic Con is a sucessful show but there are many things that they still haven't learn yet:

1. Tables; have that paperwork and payments made at least 6 months before the show. I was informed that I had a table late November/early December.

2. Reconsider cost to talent especially since the economy was/is tanking: It cost a fortune for 1/2 a 6ft table and I didn't get much for the expense, other than to meet you fine folks and get to sit next to some great people (minus the old fart behind me who kept bumping into my banner all weekend. honestly I had to yell at him as if he was 5 years old)

3. Artist have a ton of crap to bring with them to a show. WE NEED ROOM! Not only to have our stuff there but to sit comfortably and be able to work (sketch). I was so cramped that I only left 3 times to use the bathroom the whole weekend.

But other than these few problems that could be easily fixed, I had a good time.

Check out these photos from the show. Thanks again for the support.

Didn't do this for anyone, I was bored on Friday for thr first few hours. I'll probably eBay it. But til then, if anyone is interested, just email.

World's sweetest Barbara Gordon.

Crack attack on Mack!

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