Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last of the Colored Pages

That would be a great title for someone's album. Anyway, so yes this is the last of the colored sample pages that we had done for our proposal. Hope you like'em.
Click to enlarge image.

I just started working on issue #3 (out of 4, we cut an issue for a stronger story structure). Once I'm at least half way through it, Steve and I will be starting our Kickstarter fund, it's a place where we can pitch our idea and get backers. I'll be letting you guys know when are up and running, any and all donations would be greatly appreciated and, of course, rewarded.

Finally, will be at the Wildpig Comic Convention this weekend. Not sure if I'll be doing both days, but I will be there on Saturday. So if you're in the tri-state area, come check it out. Visit for additional information.

Oh and don't forget, I will be at NYCC in a few weeks, splitting a table with my good friend John Broglia.

Back to the drawin' board. See you all soon!

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