Monday, October 11, 2010

New York Comic Con


That was my feeling after getting home. What a great show. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello, signed up for the mailing list and supported me with commission requests! You made the trip worth making!

Here's a few commissions that was able to get done in three days, a few are missing since I forgot to take a snap shot once I was finished (Two-Face, Dr. Orpheus and Ras Al Ghul). As always click images to enlarge. I know I need to get a better camera phone!

This one was my favorite out of them all, once in a while someone asks me to draw them. Officer Chang of the Harlem district asked me to draw him or as he put it an "asian cop". Caption reads : Mythbusters #20 Not all cops like donuts" Box reads "fortune cookies".

Daredevil playing pin the tail on the donkey.

The Rocketeer

The Plutonian from Irredeemable with K.C. Superman's head on pike

Omni-Man from Invinicble

Kirby character OMAC: One man Army Corps with "Secret" deodorant stick.

Kingdom Come Superman, pissed that Billy Batson ruined his new costume with lightening bolts, me 2nd favoriite sketch of the con. I love drawing this version of Superman, if I could do a mini series based on this character I'd be so HAPPY!

Clark Kent

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