Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creating a new Drink N' Draw Society

So a few years back I made a sketchbook called "LoneWolf: Drink N' Draw", it contained sketches from when I would go to the bar by myself and draw. I don't belong to the real DnD Society. I don't live in LA and driving/taking the train into NYC would be too much of a pain. I thought it'd be cool to start my own drink n' draw club. So I created a universal charter for any working professional artist can join. I finished the logo tonight and plan to make shirts and member vests. I also started a blog nothing up just yet but will be posting rules and regulations soon. I want this to be a place once a month where I can post a few images from myself and others as we have a few beers. Hope you guys like it. Look for more updates in the near future, Thanks!

1 comment:

cryper25 said...

drawing and alcohol! i like it! we should make drawing part of everything in life! drawing and cheesy breadsticks, the next winning combination!!!