Saturday, April 07, 2012

GraphicLy, Reviews & Convention Schedule


So I'm sure you're aware of the big change with GraphicLy, which was announced this past week. In case you missed it, here's a link for an article.

Steve and I have been discussing this for the past two days. I have no idea what this means for AKA as a digital book. In fact, GraphicLy had only informed us moments before the press release hit the web. Honestly, having no information to draw from, I really don't understand why they decided to make this change. Our understanding is this: if you already had the app for your various devices, you will still be able to view your collection and possibly purchase new books (via their website only). If you've never downloaded the app, it's no longer available. From what we gathered, GraphicLy was #2 in the marketplace and either weren't making enough $ or what they thought they should be making on the sales of digital comics compared to Comixology.

So what, settle for being #105 in a vast marketplace rather than #2 in a specific one? To me it makes no sense. GraphicLy's very appeal was that they DID take independent creator-owned projects where Comixology does not (or they are very picky). The fact they they are so versatile is what I would think would make them so appealing. At any rate, this to me is very much like the NetFlix change, which effectively pissed off customers and a later reversal of that decision from the backlash.

I hope that GraphicLy hasn't shot themselves in the foot. I really liked them and their professionalism thus far. I just wish that this decision was made collectively as a community (both customers and creators).

So as far as I know, AKA is still available through their website but I'm not certain if you can only read it via your computer (if you don't already own the app) or if there is a way to read it on your device. Once I have more info, I'll be sharing it.

AKA Reviews:

So AKA got some new love and attention over at Robot6 (via CBR) check out the nice write up! Robot 6 Article.

Convention Schedule:

Here are the following shows I will be attending thus far:

Comicpalooza May 25-27
Wizard World Philadelphia June 1-3
Baltimore Comic Con September 8-9
New York Comic Con October 11-14 (pending approval)
NC Comicon November 17-18

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Unknown said...

Hey Rob - Would love to chat with you about this more - happy to do it for your readers as well (publicly)

A couple of things:

- We talked to publishers back in January
- All of our marketing materials didnt include the marketplace apps
- We put all publishers that had content in the store in early Jan in iBooks for free.

We firmly believe, clearly, that the best thing for publishers is to be in as many marketplaces as possible versus just a random app. We have seen many publishers see immediate dividends in terms of more sales and the ability to grow their fan base more quickly.

Its a win/win for publishers and their fans.

Again, happy to chat more about it - 720-248-8499 /