Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kingdom Come Canvases!

Yes, as promised! I now have available the Kingdom Come Canvas. They are limited edition (100), all hand signed and numbered. The finished size is 16 x 20. Once sprayed and stretched, it looks like a f**king painting. It's beautiful! Anyways, here are a few quick shots, please keep in mind that my camera isn't the greatest but the colors are very much like the original digital image! You can purchase them through my eBay store by clicking the link. Also, I'm pricing them up stretched with an additional cost to be added if you desire. Why? It'll be much easier, cheaper, and safer to mail it to you rolled up in a tube. Plus you can easily get it strech onto the wooden struts at your local frame shop. Which will be considerably less than what I will charge to do it. AS mentioned earlier, I will be at next weekend's New York Comic Con, so these puppies will be available there. Save some $$ on shipping at pick yours up then! Click image to enlarge.

  • Kingdom Come Canvas eBay auction

  • Unstretched:


    Original Digital File:

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