Monday, April 21, 2008

New York Comic Con

Thanks to all that stop by the table and said hello. I was sooooooo busy, I honestly had to turn away a few at the end of Sunday since I was tired and whipped out from sketching my brains out. If you don't receive an updated email and signed up for my mailing list, I just couldn't read your handwriting. Here are a few photos from the show. Click image to enlarge. Thanks!

Here's a portrait of Con Patron, Beero (spelling?) preventing the tragedy of Titantic. This was on request and I loved the idea. I hope he comes up with some more and asks me to do another commission for him! hahaha, brilliant!

These lads crossed the pond (from Ireland) just see yours truly...well maybe not but they were really happy with their Barney conquering NYC sketch. A gift for MrBarney for momentarily putting down a beer and organizing the trip to the states. They're good shits and I hope to see them again well before I make my way back to Dublin for another show! Good to see you MIC BASTARDS again! "One Ireland!"

This was most of my view of the convention.

After 3 days of sketching my brain was mush!



they all look top notch cap'in

jewmaican20 said...

can't wait to see mine, Rob!