Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So here's one of three sample pages that I did for mystery comic company. I'd mention the name, but I don't want to get in trouble. Please click to enlarge image, and leave a comment. Thanks!


Kev said...

Hey Rob, i met ya ay the dublin comic con, i'm the 3rd year animation student, i bought the hellboy and atomic robo pic's of ya (which are awesome!)

but anyway great work man great style and ill be checking out the blog, swing by mine when ya get a chance and drop me a line, later dayz!

Tommie said...

Dude, where's the con pics?

luke f said...

Only a fool wouldn`t take you on with these pages,man.
I linked you up on my blog.Is that Ok?

jim said...

Great stuff.As I told you at the con I wish you weren't such a great inker 'cause I'd love to ink your pencils. Check out my stuff on and lemme know what you think. -Jim Webb