Tuesday, December 09, 2008

There and Back again. Dublin Comic Con

Lads of War, Dave and Doc

Christopher Walken Gambit. Brilliant Request & Concept.

This old man was so drunk that he was talking and dancing with people who weren't even there. I watched this gentleman for 15 minutes straight. Obviously the highlight of our trip.

Jenna and our friends, Tommie and Vennesa

Gravity Bar located on the top of the Guinness Factory

Original mural by famous artist Fitzpatrick in the dining "hall" of Captain America's Restaurant. That's right, he decided to give up crime fighting and now owns 3 chain restaurants in Ireland. Fuck international copyright laws, right? Hm....

Legendary Irish Warrior, CUCHULAINN. Statue is a tribute to those who died in the revolution of 1916.

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niki kehoe said...

you took some very flattering pictures of dublin! How did you find the con this yr? I met you there the last time with my boyfriend Ben. You met him again this year, but Im sorry I couldnt make it to say hi and give sum support. Im handing in a thesis in 3 days!