Thursday, June 04, 2009

Commission Bub.

So I recently finished a Wolverine piece. I don;t typically get too many Marvel character requests, a lot of DC. So this was a nice change up. Here's a quick breakdown of the process.

1. Get the head down. I probably did 15 different heads, before going with this one. Other than the claws, I think Wolverines head (mask) is the most important visual aspect of the character. If you don't get this right, throw it away.

2 Get a rough idea of what the pose is gonna be. He's gotta be doing something. I hate when other artists just do a boring "i'm standing there" pose.

3. Clean it up with the inks.

4. Add Pantone markers. First put the primary color layers down, followed by gray tones for shading. The scanner at work, really doesn't compute the pantones as well as I had hoped. They look so much better in person, too bad only this gentleman will be enjoying it. Perhaps he'll put it up here.

If interested in a commission yourself, contact me via email (listed under bio). As always, click images to enlarge. Thanks!

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