Thursday, May 27, 2010

Also Known As

Holy crap! Two posts in a month?! I know, even I'm shocked. So as I mentioned before, I've been working with my long-time friend and co-creator Steven Walters (writer) on a 70's Grindhouse book. We've got the first issue penciled and inked and a could part of the second issue completed at some stage (either penciled or inked). At the moment, we're shopping it aorund with different publishers and even considering it as web comic. Whether through it's own site or release through iTunes.

Here's an image to give you a little taste. My plan is work on this straight through til completion for the next 5/6 months. Any help generating buz is great and look for a possible donation drive to help raise money to pay the colorist and letterer as well as a future trade publication. Thanks!


Neil D Vokes said...

Very nice work,ya bastard-I also love that phrase above the door- reminds me of a hat i always wear-lol- i am very happy to see your work progressing the way it is- you are developing your "voice" and it sounds pretty good...;o)

Rob Reilly is a said...

now I just need $$ to make it sing!