Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con/Aug20-21

Hey Gang,

Here's an update for Baltimore. I will be sitting at Artist Alley booth A132 with my good friend John Broglia. If you havve trouble spotting me, here's a photo of my new banner:

In addition I will have my old one with me FOR SALE!, for all you "hardcore fans":

Looking to get $200 (what I paid for it originally).

As a reminder I will have the ability to take credit cards now, so you will no longer have to worry about cash flow issues or waiting in line to use the ATM.

And finally I will have these for sale:

It's has commentary as well as visuals. They will be for sale for $15 which includes a pencil sketch. Will have available via the web soon. I'm still hoping to have the NES and Atari AKA games available for the show but I am at the mercy of the printers at the moment.

Well hope you to see you there! :)

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