Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Return from Baltimore Comic Con

Just wanted to say many thanks to those who stopped by the table for a brief friendly chat. Saturday was extremely rough for me. However Sunday I was swamped! haha I'm very thankfully for the few fans I have that attend this show. A ton of people were drawn to the NES and Atari AKA Catridges! Got to love those childhood memories.

Before I left for Baltimore, I worked on a few additional pieces to fill up the portfolio. The George Reeves didn't more than 5 minutes online before someone snatched it up ( A benefit of following me on twitter and facebook, I always am uploading photos there of new stuff). Here's what it looked like finished:

In addition, I worked on this kick ass Superman vs Flash: The Great Race. This one is still available for sale. Click the button to purchase it. The inked and colored (with Pantone markers) piece measures at 11"x17".

Finally, here are a few commissions I had while at Baltimore Comic Con:

Cheetara for Heather (who had originally purchase Lion-O) NOw she's got the pair to frame.

Captain America

The Flash

Kitty Pride (looking up Logan's towel)

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