Friday, October 05, 2012

AKA: One in the Chamber & NYCC 2012

Our Kickstarter campaign for the AKA Prequel has gone live as of today.

Here's a quick video that explains everything we're trying to accomplish with this new goal:

If you missed out on the first campaign, for the graphic novel or pledged previously Steven and I are proud to announce the variety of AKA merch that has been made available as well as exclusive variant covers by Mike Hawthorne, Taki Soma and Mike Oeming. These will ONLY be available for our backer! So be sure to visit our Kickstarter campaign and get in on the action before the 30 days are up.

In addition, Steve and I plan on donating 40% of any additional funds raised after reaching our goal to
The Ringo Scholarship. Unfortunately, due to Kickstarter's strict policies we aren't able to make mention on our campaign page but have found a loop hole where there was no mention of restriction on social media sites. Arrangements have been made with the proper people in Ringo's camp. So please help out this wonderful educational opportunity that will no only honor a brilliant cartoonist, Mike Wieringo but help assure the future and betterment of the comic industry.

As a separate reminder, Steve and I will be at NYCC this upcoming week selling, signing and sketching. Stop by for a chat!! Thanks!

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Annie Stoll said...

That's awesome!!! Rock on guys! (see you.. there!)