Saturday, September 21, 2013

Radio Silence

So I know it's been a long time that I've post anything, let alone artwork. I've pretty much fallen off the social network grid, even with close friends. So where the heck have I been for nearly a year!?

3 major factors have delayed any update with regards to this blog:

1. New job: I've been working at this awesome design firm for nearly a year. Creatively it has been a dream but I'm pretty tapped out by end of day, so I haven't been working on much at home.

2. Bought a house. Most weekends have been dedicated to major yard work, while the weather has been good, and future weekends will be painting, painting and more painting. In all honesty, I'll take a day of hard work around this house than living in the apartments! LOL

3. Wedding plans. Anytime I do have for design work has been primarily directed to the Save the Dates (see below) and upcoming invitation concepts.

Please note that I will be doing NYCC this year, (was able to piggy-back onto another person's table) and as part of my "Get these damn comics out of my house" program will be selling remaining copies of AKA for only $5!! That's right, 128 page graphic novel for merely $5!. Once I have the table info, I'll relay it here. This will be my only show (except for the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market in Novemeber). In fact, I will be phasing out conventions entirely after this year. So grab a copy of AKA while you can!

As of now, I don't have any comic projects in the works. Though I'd like to put out a web series in upcoming years. Just reading and researching some concepts.

So here are a few images from work (with permission) I can share. Wish I could show so much more. In adddition, below those are the Save the Dates (in 3D; get your glasses out!) and a recent Rider University illustration.

Thanks for stopping by!

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