Monday, October 17, 2011

NYCC 2011: Aftermath!


That pretty much sums up the juggernaut that is New York Comic Con. Thankfully, I was able to spend those 4 days with my good friends, Steven Walters (co-creator of AKA), John Broglia (artist on God Complex) and Michael Sarrao (creator of Unmasked). Honestly, I never laughed so hard and for so long than with this guy! They ROCK!

I cannot thank those who stopped by the table for a chat, commissioning a sketch, buying a sketchbook(s) or video game cartridge(s). What was really cool, was to meet many Kickstarter backers in person! It's nice to put a face to a name.

So before I throw up the sketches from the show, just want to share some news:

1. I will be doing an 8 page short story for my friends, Scott and Brian, book Atomic Robo. You might have heard of it ;)

2. Just prior to packing for NYCC, we released the first issue of AKA to our Kickstarter backers, with issue 2 nipping at it's heels.

3. Issue 3 of AKA is completely colored and is being lettered a the moment. Meanwhile, issue 4 is starting to be colored.

What does that mean for those awaiting the entire series release?!?!

Please note that Steve and I are trying to lock down a digital as well as a print release through some companies. Contracts are being read as I type this. ONce an agreement is in play, I can make a future UPDATE. Until then, please know that if you invested in AKA through Kickstarter, you will continue to get the issues first!

And finally:

5. I have started working on series of new graphic novels. I will being doing the entire 3 book series (100 pgs/book) on my own (writing, artwork, coloring and lettering). Currently, I have an outline for the first book as well as a few character designs. Just a few minor tweeks and I will be able to finalize designs and begin work. I predict that it take one year to write and draw. Another year to color and letter.

So without further wait, the commissions:

The warm-up. I love doing Captain Marvel kicking the crap out of Superman pieces, despite being a HUGE Superman fanatic! lol This wasn't for anyone, so it's up for grabs if anyone is interested!

Character from a fans web comic series. Love the design of the character!

And here's Annie with her sketch! She was super sweet and we discussed the importance of the comic communities need to share techniques and support each other. It was a pleasure meeting you! :)

This was for a gentleman, who was a brother of an ex-Disney Animator. These guys were so funny, they complimented me about my hair and then said they hated because I had "cool hair" (they were bald), stating that it "ran in the family". I was quick to correct them, "You mean it runs OUT in the family. HAHA :)

If anyone knows the movie "King of Kong" and knows me, knows I hate Billy Mitchell. What a douche! hahaha But I absolutely LOVED having to work on this commission, I'm not much a caricaturist but when someone has that much character in their face I really nail it!

If anyone doesn't remember last years post, click here for NYCC 2010. Officer Chang of the Harlem district returned this year for another three. One of him, his partner and his two twin baby boys! He told me after his commission last year, his fellow officers ragged on him for being a comic NERD, but then secretly on the QT asked to hook them up with some Rob Reilly Comic Goodnees! hahaha Anytime gents!!

Jake and Lucas. Wonder twins, form of super cute babies! hahaha

Well folks, back to the drawing always thank you for your love and support!



Annie Stoll said...

Wow! So much awesome news!!! >w< And I love my comish sooooo much! THanks for Rawkin' it!!

Rick's Time On Earth said...

You're the best man. Became a huge fan of yours especially after NYCC.
Huge Superman fan too but I love the pics of Marvel taking the big guy down. They're great. How much for a pic of Marvel beating Superman arm wrestling? Now that would be cool lol.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Cap Marvel taking down the "Big Guy". I prefer the opposite MUCH MORE!